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Football team uses social media for accountability during stay at home times

The global pandemic COVID-19 has essentially turned the world upside down. Schools are online, many are working from home, families are separated and spread out. In a time of uncertainty, many are looking for ways to recreate and keep some daily normalcy in their now new normals.

That’s definitely the case for the West Virginia football team. West Virginia’s spring practice was cut short over a month ago and the team of brothers has found themselves spread out all over the country, with the internet, Wifi, and cell phone data suddenly being the link that ties everyone together. With the team spread out and forced to work out independently, accountability becomes a key component in staying season-ready.

It also allows Coach Brown’s squad to be more player-led and player-driven; a concept the head coach touts as a key to success. Enter Instagram and the football team’s accountability teams.

Accountability teams are not a new concept for Mountaineer football. Coach Brown instituted these small groups early on in his tenure at West Virginia, allowing his players to quite literally hold each other accountable and keep up a little friendly competition, while at the same time staying in football shape and ultimately holding themselves accountable. In a time where social media is used to showcase and highlight accomplishments, Coach Brown’s team is showing how they are continuing to better themselves and prepare for the hopeful fall football season. Speaking of which, if you are in need of building your social media presence, Let us develop your website and come to your help.

The players have been divided up into teams and have taken to Instagram to post what they are up to on a daily basis, checking in with each other over social media. This also gives West Virginia fans a way to connect to the team and see how they’re holding up during this time of uncertainty.

To check in on instagram on the accountability teams, take a look at the following accounts:

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