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Former Miramar Coach Says WVU Commit Ineligible

Ten weeks ago, Miramar High School (FL) was the No. 1 team in Class 8A. Fastforward to tonight, and things have became messy at the well-known school.

On Tuesday, Miramar head football coach Matt Stout announced that he was stepping down for personal reasons and he thanked the staff for their support.

Now the messy part.

The is reporting that Stout is alleging that West Virginia commitment Javon Durante has been playing this season academically ineligible, and has been ineligible since he transferred from Miami Norland High School (FL).

Stout is also alleging that the program fixed his GPA so he could play football at Miramar, something Norland athletic director Ira Fluitt agreed with.

While the situation sounds nasty on all sides, there are many questions as to why this information is coming out now.

  • If the coach knew Durante was ineligible, why did he play him?
  • Why wait until you resign to make this announcement?
  • What, if any effect will this have on his status at West Virginia?
  • If Miramar is 8-0, does the head coach announce this?
  • Why didn’t the Norland AD speak up before this?


The WVU coaching staff does a great job of staying up-to-date with commitments and prospects, so they’re prepared to handle these types of situations. As with anything, it’s best to allow things to play out and see where they land.

Stout says he was stepping down for personal reasons, but also said Miramar principal Maria Formoso asked for his resignation.

So we ask.

Is this a legit conern moving forward, or sour grapes from a coach that was asked to resign?

You decided.

You can read the full article HERE



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