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From Breakout To Departure, WVU Lost a Team Player in Jordan McCabe

As the Mountaineers were advancing to the semifinal round of the 2019 Big 12 Tournament, freshman Jordan McCabe finished with 13 points, eight assists and four steals in a win over the eventual National Champion Runner-Up Texas Tech Red Raiders.

This 13-point performance marked McCabe’s seventh-straight game scoring double figures, dating from Feb. 23, 2019, to March 14, 2019. In this stretch of seven games, McCabe averaged:

  • 16.0 Points
  • 2.9 Rebounds
  • 5.4 Assists
  • 2.0 Steals
  • 38% FG / 42% 3PT / 76% FT

This is supposed to go up from here, right? McCabe—an internet sensation since he was in middle school—has busted his butt to get to the point he is at. If you have come across this video, you lived under a rock in 2010. But if you forgot, here’s the gem.

McCabe entered his sophomore campaign, now with competition at the guard spot. Miles “Deuce” McBride, Sean McNeil and Taz Sherman all joined the West Virginia team for the 2019-20 season.

Despite having fewer minutes in his sophomore season, WVU head coach Bob Huggins gave McCabe the nod at the starting five for 29-of-31 games.

McCabe was used as veteran leadership to control the offense and make sure everyone was doing their job. Unfortunately, for McCabe, his numbers, including his minutes, continued to decrease. This didn’t phase the six-foot guard one bit. All it did was make him a team player.

“My mentality didn’t change a whole lot, roles are roles. So, coming off the bench, my role is to calm us down wherever we were at whether we’re up ten, down ten,” McCabe said. “When I get those minutes, coming off the bench, my goal is to calm us down and get us to run offense.”

Heading into his junior year, it was apparent early-on that McBride would take the keys to the starting point guard role. McCabe gave the bench more experience in his third year at WVU and was able to step up for the Mountaineers if they needed him.

McCabe showed a great sense of reliability, as he stepped into the starting role for five games this season. Four of those games were when Emmitt Matthews Jr. was recovering from COVID-19, after losing 18 pounds. Another time was when McBride was dealing with a nagging injury and McCabe stepped into his old role, once again.

“Smart guys figure out what can I do to help this team? And certainly, Jordan is a smart guy,” Huggins said. “He’s trying to figure out how he can help our team the most, which translates into more minutes.”

Jordan McCabe has been a warrior for this team for three years. He’s been a team player that Huggins could rely on when he needed him.

Next year, the Mountaineers add two more guards to the team in Seth Wilson and Kobe Johnson. With Wilson and Johnson, that would make it four-point guards on the roster with McBride and Kedrian Johnson. It was the best for McCabe to transfer with more limited minutes coming.

Thank you, Jordan for giving it 110% for the state of West Virginia for the last three seasons! We know you’ll do great things wherever you go.

(Top Photo: Dale Sparks)

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