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Gabe Osabuohien: The Best “Glue Guy” in the Country

MORGANTOWN, W. Va. – (December 10, 2020) — It would be an understatement to say that Gabe Osabuohien has been playing great for the Mountaineers so far this season. He’s been playing AMAZING.

His stats wouldn’t show it, but if you watch WVU basketball games, you know that Osabuohien is a must-need player on the floor for West Virginia.

It has been quite a journey in college for Osabuohien to reach to this point in his career.

The once Arkansas Razorback played two seasons under now St. John’s coach Mike Anderson. In two seasons, the Ontario native suited up in 54 games for Arkansas, while starting eight of those.

After Osabuohien’s sophomore season, Anderson took the job at St. John’s to replace Chris Mullin. After that, the 6’7″ forward entered the transfer portal.

WVU coach Bob Huggins asked SEC coaches about Osabuohien and they told Huggs that it would be a perfect match and that Gabe is what West Virginia basketball is all about.

Well, those SEC coaches were definitely correct.

Osabuohien arrived in Morgantown not knowing if he would have to sit out a year per NCAA transfer rules, but in Nov. 2019, the NCAA ruled him eligible to play immediately.

Now, we have had Gabe play for West Virginia for a whole calendar year. It would be safe to say that he has been the toughest player WVU has, which says a lot!

A lot of critics question Osabuohien’s shooting, but little do they know that he puts in so much work in the gym to improve on his shooting.

Coach Huggins had a fantastic quote about Osabuohien and the work he puts in.

“Gabe puts time in, Gabe puts a lot of time in,” Huggins said. “

“I said basketball’s like your girlfriend, if you don’t pay any attention to her you’re probably going to lose her. If you don’t pay any attention to basketball it’s going to get you. When guys don’t get in the gym, they don’t get extra shots up, when they don’t show some appreciation, it gets them. And we’ve had guys being guilty of that.”

“Gabe gets in the gym,” Huggins added.

So far in the five games WVU has played, Osabuohien averages 4.4 points, 5.4 rebounds, 2.0 assists and 1.2 steals per game.

The senior’s best scoring game thus far was against No. 1-ranked Gonzaga last week scoring 10 points on a perfect shooting night. Every single shot Osabuohien put up that night went through the net.

In basketball, the unofficial definition of a “glue guy” is someone who can give it their all for the team, while doing everything that is needed of them to keep the team intact.

Gabe Osabuohien fits that criteria the best out of anyone in the country. He may have games where he scores no points, but he will grab eight rebounds, three steals and a couple of loose ball dives during that same game.

The forward may almost foul out every game, but every single foul that Osabuohien commits is a “well-worth” foul; they’re smart fouls.

Osabuohien knows exactly what his role is. He is the heart-and-soul of this year’s Mountaineers team.

When this season is over, we will give Osabuohien credit for a good amount of games that were won.

This is why I nominate Gabe Osabuohien as the best “glue guy” in the country.

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