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Harrell “Expects to Score” in First Season with West Virginia

Recently hired WVU offensive coordinator/quarterback’s coach Graham Harrell has always been known for one thing, and that is scoring. 

Harrell is no stranger to putting the ball in the end zone, as he threw for 15,793 yards and 134 touchdowns in his playing career at Texas Tech under head coach Mike Leach. 

Since his playing days have come to an end, Harrell has kept scoring on the forefront of his mind. 

Harrell was the offensive coordinator at two different schools before joining the WVU staff, and those were North Texas and most recently, USC. 

Harrell came in and turned around the North Texas offense, finding success with quarterback Mason Fine. North Texas turned into a top-30 offense in passing yards, points, and total yards under Harrell in 2017 and 2018 which landed him the offensive coordinator job at USC. 

After a disappointing season offensively in 2021, Harrell was hired by WVU to come in and take over play-calling duties from head coach Neal Brown. 

Harrell spoke with the media on Thursday for the first time in 2022 and gave a word on his expectations for the offensive unit. 

“I always expect to score, and I expect the same out of our guys when they take the field, I expect to score,” Harrell said. “No matter what’s going on, no matter how bad you’re up, how bad you’re down, no matter what’s happened after that point in the game, if we set on foot on the field, the expectation is to go score.” 

With a new system and a new group of guys, it can sometimes take a while to get familiar with a new offense and adjust to changes. Coach Harrell was asked if he limits himself because it’s year one at a new program. 

“I think the longer you’re in a system, I think things get easier, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be good in year one,” Harrell said. “We expect to be good in year one. I do think that because there’s enough similar things between what they were doing and what we were doing, hopefully the transition is a lot easier.” 

Going into the 2022 season, WVU has a three-way battle for the starting quarterback position. Those candidates are true freshman Nicco Marchiol, Will Crowder, and Garrett Greene. Each one of their games is unique in its own way.  

Coach Harrell spoke about the quarterback position and what type of athletes he has competing for the starting job. 

“I do think at the quarterback position, you can’t create robots,” Harrell said. “I think you just got to take what they have and make them the best version of themselves. That’s what I tell them all the time is, ‘I’m going to try to make you the best version of you,’ and that’s my job.” 

Coach Harrell and Coach Brown will have plenty of time to figure out who their guy is at quarterback, but no matter who it is taking the snaps, coach Harrell will be looking to score.

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