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Head Coach Neal Brown addresses media, still hopeful for a football season

Morgantown, W.VA. – Wednesday afternoon West Virginia football head coach addressed the media from his home office for a quick update on the football program. Brown opened his conference with a brief statement on the situation currently going on with KJ Martin and Vic Koenning, then stated he was not addressing the matter or answering any questions on it and respecting the University’s internal review of the matter.

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By Joe Brocato in SportsWVU Sports | June 24, 2020 at 5:54PM

(Complete Neal Brown Zoom conference)

MORGANTOWN, W.Va. — A day after defensive coordinator Vic Koenning was placed an administrative leave following allegations of mistreatment towards sophomore safety Kerry Martin, head coach Neal Brown echoed his comments that he released in a statement late Tuesday evening.

“Yesterday was a tough day,” Brown remarked. “I am sick about it. I care deeply about everyone involved. I care deeply about everyone in our program. We have and will continue to build a culture that is relationship driven. We have to respect the university’s process.

“We have an open policy. You continue to learn and you continue to get feedback. If that is an area that we need to grow, then we need to grow. But I feel confident in being able to talk. Our guys have a voice. I respect that voice and that is their right.”

Brown went on to speak about the other hot topic, COVID-19. The head coach pointed out that the football program has tested 167 people in the month of June, with just two players testing positive. “We respect the virus,” Brown pointed out. Both players were asymptomatic, self-quarantining and two more groups of players are self-quarantining as a result of the positive results. Coach Brown’s focus is on making sure his players understand the severity of the virus, are focusing on their safety and physical health and doing what they can do to keep themselves, their teammates and society safer.

Brown moved his conversation on to the football season, one that he is still hopeful and cautiously optimistic will happen. While Brown is looking forward to the fall season, he is also very realistic that this will not be football of year’s past.

“This is not going to be a normal football season in any aspect.”

Brown is always a man with a plan, and that has trickled down to his staff as they try to re-work the way they will coach their players during a new-normal football season. This could include more zoom meetings, less in-person, split practices with less players together at one time and likely no retreats this summer. With the amount of unknowns going into the season, Brown expects that the football played this fall could be “simpler,” with everything really depending on how each team prepares and is able to prepare.

Brown’s eyes are currently set on three dates as the summer goes on: July 13, July 24 and August 7. The 13th is the date where eight-hour weeks starts, the 24th is the second phase which ups to 20 hours per week and August 7 is the start of fall camp.

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