Holgorsen: Big East Days Are Gone

When West Virginia University athletic director Oliver Luck announced the promotion of Dana Holgorsen to head football coach at WVU, Holgorsen knew the task that awaited. Holgorsen understood what it took to win the Big East Conference, and to his credit, he did.

Holgorsen was surround with talent that could compete and win in the Big East. He knew he had Geno Smith and company for two seasons, including the Mountaineers inaugural season in the Big 12 Conference.

As Holgorsen said during Big 12 Media Days, those days are long gone.

“The days of rolling through the Big East and playing in a BCS game are done,” said Holgorsen. “We’re not thinking about that any more. Those days are gone.”

Holgorsen was also the coach who hung 70 points on Clemson in the Discover Orange Bowl and instantly became the media darling, but that seems like a long time ago, and Holgorsen has moved on.

That’s a smart move on his part considering his team is coming off a 4-8 season that have placed the head ball coach on the hot seat by some. But it seems Holgorsen isn’t concerned about the hot seat, he just wants to compete.

“No one is going to be dominant in the Big 12. We’ve been competitive. We lost three overtime games last year. Every game was competitive. We need to continue to develop our talent and recruit better.”

“Considering the style of football in the Big 12, you better have guys ready to play. We now have more guys ready to play and we should get better every year.” Holgorsen said.

You can look at TCU and see some of the same issues the Mountaineers face.

They came from a conference where they found success often outplaying the opposition on all three sides of the ball, plus the depth to match anyone they played.

Some of those who want to place Holgorsen on the hot seat don’t understand that he was tasked with move to the Big 12, which was a huge jump in talent, competition and money.

“When you play in the Big 12 you have to defend the pass and defend it well,” said Holgorsen. “You better have some big guys up front. You better have linebackers that can cover people. You need guys in the secondary who can cover. You have to be able to pass rush.”

He’s right.

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