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Holgorsen: “Howard Clear-Cut No. 1”

On Saturday, the West Virginia University football team wrapped up its final open practice at The Greenbrier before the Gold-Blue game on April, 25th at Milan Puskar Stadium.

Most of the news on Saturday was centered around Mountaineer quarterback Skyler Howard.

During his media session, West Virginia head football coach Dana Holgorsen announced Howard as the “clear cut” No. 1 quarterback.

“He is the clear-cut No. 1 right now. Not even close,” Holgorsen said. “He’s a different kid. He’s operating well. I sure hope I am not jinxing him right now.  He is operating very well and looks great. His teammates believe in him. The coaches believe in him.”

Holgorsen mentioned he has grown from the end of last season through the spring to this point.

“Everything. His knowledge. His fundamentals are good,” he said. “He’s accurate and he’s throwing the deep ball well. His communications is really good. His understanding of the offense continues to improve.”

Holgorsen continued.

“He’s stepped up. I said the same thing last year (wanting someone to step up and take the quarterback job). He just wasn’t ready to do it. He’s making plays. Just put it that way. He’s making plays and people believe in him. That’s what you look for in a quarterback.” Holgorsen said.

After listening to Holgorsen, it sounds like the team has a clear understanding of who’s leading in the clubhouse.

“Probably. I don’t think I need to say it to the team,” Holgorsen said. “I think they understand where we are at with it. It’s all about the development of the young guys.  Is any of the young guys going to get enough reps and make enough plays where they warrant a first team rep?”

Right now, the answer is no…. So Skyler is the guy.

As for the younger guys, the work to improve continues.

“All the other young kids are young kids. They are freshman and keep getting better. How good they get I don’t know. We are going to keep repping the heck out of them and watch them and see how they progress.” he said.

With the team set to put a bow on the 2015 spring, WVU has the confidence in knowing they have found a starter and can focus on chemisry during the summer months.

jerry McGhee
Lead recruiting analyst covering the West Virginia Mountaineers for
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