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Holgorsen Throws Haymaker At Pitt

That didn’t take long.

With the clock ticking to the start of camp across the country, West Virginia University head football coach Dana Holgorsen used twitter to get his message out.

And boy did it take off.

It’s no secret that both WVU and Pittsburgh have discussed renewing the bitter rivalry, and no one has been pounding the drum louder than Holgorsen, and its been pounding since last summer.

“I would welcome back Pitt and the Backyard Brawl any time that they want it,” Holgorsen said at the 2014 Big 12 media days. “I think that’d be good for not only Morgantown and the state of West Virginia, I think it’d be good for Pittsburgh and western Pennsylvania as well.”

346mgwlHolgorsen has said finding a spot on the non-conference slate would be tricky, but it can be done.

On Tuesday during a spot on ESPN, Pittsburgh head football coach Pat Narduzzi downplayed the idea of playing the Mountaineers.

“I’d love to play WVU someday but our instate rivalry is bigger than an out-of-state rivalry” he told Brett McMurphy. Of course that instate rivalry is James Franklin and Penn State.

The reply from Narduzzi led to this tweet from Holgorsen.



This is a game that Holgorsen wants on the schedule and would likely play it on a street corner anywhere in America. He has practically begged for Pitt to step up and play the Mountaineers. Once again Narduzzi provided the material and had this to say.

“I never beg.” Narduzzi said.empty-pitt

With all fairness good sir, you have begged. You have multiple promos, video packages and ticket giveaways just to get fans to come to Pitt football games. released a poll in October of 2014 that showed Pitt had dropped 16% in attendance since the 2013 season, and this poll doesn’t count the entire season.

West Virginia had a 4% increase with the attendance averaging 59,161, compared to 43,168 at Pittsburgh. Here is the list from CBS.

Narduzzi, as well as the leadership at Pitt has talked favorably about the possibility setting something up, and West Virginia athletic director Shane Lyons has the game circled on his board.

For now, Pittsburgh has to settle for empty stadiums and knowing they have no desire to play WVU. I know.. here come the “We beat you in 2007” comments or, “13-9”.

Why would they want to play Penn State? — They can’t beat them either. Not on the field or the recruiting trail.

Then again, they did beat Delaware and FUI last season and still finished 6-7.

Welcome back to college football.

WARNING: This is the West Virginia version of Sweet Caroline


jerry McGhee
Lead recruiting analyst covering the West Virginia Mountaineers for
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