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Holgorsen ready to bounce back from loss and move forward

Well, the inevitable happened and the Mountaineers fell to the Oklahoma State Cowboys last Saturday. By now, Coach Holgorsen has his eyes set on the next task of taking on the Kansas Jayhawks at home in the Mountaineers’s first night game of the season. Coach Holgorsen addressed the media Tuesday afternoon as always, but this week’s conference came off of a loss, one that stung and will hopefully not set the Mountaineers down an unwanted path.

Even though the Mountaineers took the loss, the head coach pointed out that his team still has a strong desire to win and will carry that desire into Saturday night’s game. “speaking with the team on Sunday night it was very apparent that our guys want to win, and they want to be successful. They were disappointed in it but they are realistic to the point that you just get back to work.” The head coach and his team, especially his 20 seniors on the team have a strong desire to win, as well as the understanding of how hard it is to win and how they need to continue to work toward their goals.

Coach Holgorsen has a great amount of respect for the team that Kansas is bringing to Morgantown Saturday night. “One thing that you’ll see on their team more than anything is the amount of energy that they play with, so we have to get out there and start fast if we want to get accomplished what we want to accomplish in this game. It’ll be a challenge; we know that and our guys understand that so well work hard to see if we can get back on track here this week.” Coach Holgorsen will have to have the Mountaineers control the tempo of the game from the start of play Saturday, and continue to control that tempo throughout all four quarters.

Coach Holgorsen stressed the importance of scoring more going forward this season, which is something fans across the country will readily agree with. The Mountaineers need to score more throughout their games, something that could have made a difference during the Oklahoma State loss. “We were four for four, which that’s good. We were just outside the red zone when we missed a field goal that was a pitiful three-play sequence. After we had momentum we moved it all the way down the field, three horrible plays and then we missed the field goal. We just have to keep drives going, we have to get the ball in the end zone. It’s been an issue with this team.” Coach Holgorsen addressed the fact that both West Virginia and Oklahoma State were very evenly matched teams going into Saturday, however the three turnovers gave Oklahoma State too many points and essentially cost the Mountaineers their undefeated season.

Coach Holgorsen has long been known as an offensive-minded genius, capable of creating huge, dynamic plays on the field. When asked about making big plays, Coach Holgorsen had a very candid response to the lack of them, “Boy that would be nice. Wouldn’t that be nice? Phew. God, I forget what it’s like. I forget what it’s like. I don’t know. Stay on your feet, go score, I don’t know. Maybe I’ll have to pull out some film from way back in the day. I think we have guys who are capable of doing it.” Maybe the head coach can bring some of the dynamic plays he has been known for out of the proverbial retirement, and give these Mountaineers a chance to use those plays. Like Holgorsen said, wouldn’t that be nice?

As seems to the be general tone of Coach Holgorsen’s season, the head coach maintains a great amount of confidence in his team. Holgorsen has spotted where the team needs some work, ahem scoring touchdowns, but at the same time he has shown a huge amount of pride in the work the team has put in thus far. When a coach has such faith and confidence in their team, it shows how well everyone is working together. Yes, the Mountaineers lost versus Oklahoma State, but they will bounce back from it and Coach Holgorsen seems very confident in that fact.

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