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Howard Embracing Leadership Role

West Virginia University junior quarterback Skyler Howard knows there are questions as the team opens camp in preparation for the 2015 season.

Most of those questions, or concerns for some, center around the offense and quarterback position. With limited game experience, it’s a fair point, and the unknown never makes you feel good.

But Howard, like the rest of the Mountaineers are officially two days into fall camp, and at this point, everything is 5looking good.

“It’s coming together every day,” Howard said. ” We are evolving as an offense, as we should in this league. In the Big 12, you have to evolve or you will be left behind.”

Evolution is never a bad thing, especially in a pass happy conference like the Big 12. In recent years, teams have went towards the dual-threat option to leave defense guessing.

It sounds like West Virginia is following that same model adding more run options to the offense and playing William Crest at multiple positions, including punt returner.

The direction of the team will be based on the leadership of Howard. Early on, he’s in full command.

“Naturally, when you get thrown into that position you’re going to have to become a leader if you’re not already. I always try to be that guy no matter what I’m doing.” he said.

“I always try to do the right thing and lead by example. I’m trying to be more vocal. I wasn’t the most vocal in the past, but I am now. I am taking on my role and making an effort to gain more respect and trust from the team.”

According to offensive lineman Tyler Orlosky, Howard is making those improvements.

“He wants to get better. He is always watching film and trying to get better. He is always trying to have a better understanding of the offense. On the field, it’s obviously his legs. His legs can really bail him out of a situation.”

“He trusts what’s going on around him. He trusts his receivers. He trusts us up front to do our job.” he said. 

That trust will continue to grow as WVU continues to prepare for the season opener against Georgia Southern.

Video courtesy Ashley Conley, BGS

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