Thursday, June 21, 2018

Huggins urges students to bring back vintage, all-consuming Coliseum student section

WVU Coliseum Panorama UCLA 1

MORGANTOWN, W.Va. – This is what a powerful, energizing and large student section looks like. Years ago, it went halfway up the Coliseum, sometimes even higher. WVU’s current student section is loud, rambunctious and fun. But, it’s nothing close to what it used to be in terms of student turnout.

Though renovations have changed around some of the seating and placement of the student section through the years, head coach Bob Huggins is the first one to notice empty spots left open in student-designated areas before tipoff. He continues to point out the drop in number of students attending games, citing it as one of the biggest reasons Press Virginia lacks intensity at times.

“We’re 20-6, one game out and we got plenty of opportunities ahead of us here. It’d be nice if our students showed up,” Huggins said following WVU’s loss to Texas last night in hopes of encouraging fans to attend the Mountaineers’ next Big 12 showdown at home. “We’re playing the No. 3 team in the country (Oklahoma). It’d be nice if they showed up.”

Huggins then referenced WVU’s home matchup the week before against TCU. It was one with a thinned out student section to say the least, and according to Huggins, that’s something that effects the moral of the team’s liveliness on the court.

“I was shocked that everyone wasn’t there Saturday,” said Huggins. “I was shocked that we had 3,500 tickets out and only about 900 showed up. That’s about what we shoot from the field.”

Of course there are some incredible, loyal students who attend each and every home game despite how treacherous the weather may be or how much schoolwork they have piled up. Props to y’all.

For example:

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But Huggins wants more.

“All this stuff about we have the best student section. No, we don’t,” Huggins said out of frustration earlier this season after WVU’s meeting with Kansas State. “The truth is, we don’t.”

Obviously Huggins loves WVU’s students, but it has to be frustrating watching the student section get smaller and smaller with each passing year especially when the Mountaineers are a consistent Top 25 (or Top 10) team. Though it’s never an excuse for poor game performance, it is a proven fact that the team receives a boost when they’ve got a loud and proud sea of old gold and blue beside them.

As pointed out above, renovations have reduced the size of available seating in specific areas, so the students aren’t completely at fault (here’s hoping WVU broadens the allocated student seats sometime soon). But until then, don’t be afraid to head to the Coliseum and be a part of the best student section in all of college basketball, so we can see more crowds like the one below.

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Make the WVU student section huge again, for all home games!




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