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Iron Mountaineer Award Winners Announced

MORGANTOWN, W.Va. (April 13, 2019) – West Virginia University football players Josh Chandler, Reese Donahue, Colton McKivitz and Alec Sinkfield were named the recipients of the 2019 Iron Mountaineer Award, presented to the most outstanding performers in WVU’s offseason strength and conditioning program.

Since 1996, 63 players have been tabbed with Iron Mountaineer distinction, including 13 who have earned the award more than once. McKivitz, who won the award for the second year, is a redshirt senior offensive lineman, Donahue is a senior defensive lineman, Sinkfield is a redshirt sophomore running back and Chandler is a sophomore linebacker.

The winners are the best in the testing at the conclusion of winter conditioning, measuring the broad jump, vertical jump, bench, squat, power clean lift, 225 bench, 40-yard sprint, pro shuttle, three cone, 60-yard shuttle and the 10/20-yard sprint. The winners are selected from three groups: FB/TE/LB/SP, QB/RB/WR/DB and OL/DL. The top performers in each category are selected by their teammates, earning the Iron Mountaineer Award.

The distinctive award is a 6.2-pound coal statue made entirely of native West Virginian natural resources: coal, wood and natural wood stain. One permanent Iron Mountaineer with the names of all winners is on display in the WVU strength and conditioning complex.

Past winners include 2018 – Gary Jennings Jr., Colton McKivitz, David Sills V, Dylan Tonkery; 2017 – David Long Jr., Jon Lewis and Elijah Wellman; 2016 – Darrien Howard, Tyler Orlosky, Daikiel Shorts Jr., Elijah Wellman; 2015 – Jared Barber, Karl Joseph, Tyler Orlosky; 2014 – Cody Clay, Mark Glowinski, Daryl Worley; 2013 – Connor Arlia, Isaiah Bruce, Will Clarke; 2012 – Jeff Braun, Will Clarke, Ryan Nehlen, Taige Redman; 2011 – Will Clarke, Najee Goode, Keith Tandy; 2010 – Matt Lindamood, Chris Neild, Noel Devine, Don Barclay, Keith Tandy; 2009 – Noel Devine, Chris Neild, Nate Sowers, J.T. Thomas, Reed Williams; 2008 – Zac Cooper, J.T. Thomas, Sowers; 2007 – Keilen Dykes, Ovid Goulbourne, Darius Reynaud; 2006 – Pat Liebig, Marc Magro, Steve Slaton; 2005 – Craig Wilson, Owen Schmitt, Jason Colson; 2004 – Craig Wilson, Scott Gyorko, Mike Lorello; 2003 – Quincy Wilson, Pat Liebig; 2002 – Rasheed Marshall, Lance Nimmo; 2001 – David Upchurch, Shawn Hackett; 2000 – Avon Cobourne, Khori Ivy, Chris Edmonds, Antwan Lake; 1999 – Greg Robinette, Barrett Green, Boo Sensabaugh, Khori Ivy; 1998 – Tanner Russell, Boo Sensabaugh, Eric de Groh, Shawn Foreman;1997 – Curtis Keaton, Steve Lippe; 1996 – Bernardo Amerson, Charles Emanuel.

Press Release Credit: WVU Athletics Communication

Photo Credit: Shanna Rose, BGS

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