Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Is Kevin White Jay Cutler’s new Brandon Marshall?

Brandon Marshall and Jay Cutler used to have one of the strongest friendships in football. The two spent three seasons together in Denver, and three seasons together in Chicago.

They formed one of the most best tandems in football, and had great chemistry on and off the field. In their six seasons together, Marshall had five seasons with 100 receptions.

The two credited a lot of their success to their off-the-field relationship, with Marshall once saying “We’re very good friends…Cutler, man, he’s an amazing guy. He’s probably got one of the biggest hearts. I played with Cutler at a time when I was very young and immature, and his guidance and leadership helped me not fall off the deep end. So Cutler is a very special ­person to me.”

With Brandon Marshall now being a member of the Jets and Kevin White returning from injury, it is time for White to fill that role.

White and Cutler have been working together often, and spending time off-the-field in order to help improve their chemistry.

This isn’t new though, as the two have spent the last year trying to be as on page as possible whenever White makes his NFL debut.

In February, White was a part of a group of a few teammates that watched the Super Bowl at Cutler’s home. White also spent time in April with Cutler and other teammates doing informal workouts and bonding activities.

“Jay has a familiy, so he has to handle whatever he has to handle as a father off the field,” White said about his quarterback. “But when we can, we’ll go to dinner or go to his house, hang out a little bit.”

Hopefully, White will have as good of a relationship with Cutler as he did with West Virginia quarterback Clint Trickett. As Mountaineer fans remember, once those two clicked, they were unstoppable. If White can get on the same page with Cutler, it could cause nightmares for NFL defenses.

White is talented enough to be the next Brandon Marshall, and he will cause a lot of matchup problems for opposing secondaries.

However, White knows there are more factors than talent at the wide receiver position.

“Being on the same page with your quarterback is everything.”

For such a young player, he seems to have a great idea of who to make friends with on the team.

Watch out, NFL.

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