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Jevon Carter solidifies role with Phoenix Suns

Phoenix, AZ. – Point guard Jevon Carter will go down as one of West Virginia’s fan favorites for years to come. Carter has spent the last several years showcasing his hard work and treadmill mentality throughout the NBA and now the time has come for that hard work to pay off.

The Phoenix Suns have time this season trying to hone in on their backup point guard and they’ve finally found their guy; West Virginia’s guy.

Carter has made a name for himself in college hoops, and now the NBA, for his stellar defense and his tenacity on the court. Carter is shooting 39.6% behind the arc on the season and slowly, but surely making a name for himself in Arizona.

The Suns have struggled with who to put in as a backup guard for much of the season, so hopefully Carter’s promotion will be a more permanent position moving forward.

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