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Josh Lambert: Battling on and off the Football Field

Morgantown, W.Va.-

All-American kicker Josh Lambert finished the 2014 season with the most made field goals nationally with 30. Plagued by injury and illness, Lambert has not been the same kicker West Virginia fans, but it’s not his fault.

Special Teams Coordinator Coach DeForest explained, “Early on in camp he had an injury that hurt him dramatically, and set him back until really the first game was when he got to kick, the first game week. Then the last couple of weeks he had an issue with his health, I can’t believe he has kicked. He’s worked through it, he doesn’t have the same pop he had last year, but not because of his fault it’s been outside things that has caused him to have a weaker leg.”

Josh Lambert against Baylor. Photo credit BGS photographer Jeff Ruff.

On top of his injury during training camp, Lambert announced that he  was diagnosed with mono the Monday after the Oklahoma game, but he  is feeling more like himself. “I’m getting there,” Lambert told the media  on Monday afternoon.

“Definitely. The first week, I could barely open my eyes,” Josh said  about how his fatigue has lessened.

Dana Holgorsen was confident that his kicker will get back to being  100%. “The good news is that it’s not a goofy kicker thing. He’s trying,  and we all believe in him. He has to get healthy, and he is not quite  there now.”

Coach DeForest was also confident in Lambert’s ability to recover. “Hopefully this week he is getting back into it and next week he will get even stronger. He had an issue where it zapped him and that’s why he didn’t have the strength. He’s starting to get it, and then that set him back a couple weeks.”

Photo credit BGS photographer Kelsie VanderWijst.

DeForest was surprised Josh Lambert was able to kick the last couple weeks and Lambert was surprised as well. “You read about what it does to people and most people who play sports it keeps them out for at least a month. So yeah, I was surprised. It was a little difficult, but I was to get it done.”

Despite his health and the teams struggles, Lambert took time to reminisce about his efforts in the 2013 overtime win against TCU. “That was my first year playing, and that was my first game win, it was a good time.”

In the game, Lambert made three field goals of 24, 42 and the game-winner from 34 yards. He was named the Special Teams Champion.

He believes his team confidences is still upbeat. “Definitely. You know losing three games is never easy, but I think everyone realizes we’ve lost to three teams that are in the top 15.”

WVU takes on TCU Thursday evening at 7:30 p.m. on FS1 and tries to end their three game losing streak.

Lambert in pregame video. Feature photo courtesy of BGS photographer Kelsie VanderWijst.

Check out the video embedded below to learn more on how Lambert was diagnosed.

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