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Karl Joseph makes play of game in Browns playoff loss

The Cleveland Browns were one possession away from going to this year’s AFC Championship game on Sunday in Kansas City. Just a week out from the Browns beating the Steelers, the Cleveland Browns were four quarters away from going to the conference championship against the Buffalo Bills.

In a game that was polar opposite from last week’s win over Pittsburgh, the Browns were feared to be going “full Browns” and struggling to play at the highest level.

In the fourth quarter, the Browns got a saving grace moment from none other than West Virginia’s own, Karl Joseph. Down five with roughly eight minutes left in the game, Karl Joseph intercepted Chiefs quarterback Chad Henne’s attempted touchdown pass right in the endzone. In the end, the Browns were unable to capitalize on Joseph’s play and lost to the Chiefs but for a moment NFL fans were able to see what Mountaineers have known for years; Karl Joseph is a beast.

Take a look below:

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