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Kevin White: “I bring a lot more to the table”

Who was the best wide receiver in college football in 2014?

That was a debate that raged during the season with the spotlight centered on West Virginia’s Kevin White and Alabama wide receiver Amari Cooper.

Both guys are clearly the best two wide receivers in the draft, but White says he stands out over Cooper.

“I think I bring a lot more to the table.” White said.

White was on NBC Sports Networks “Pro Football Talk”, and he didn’t hold back.

“Amari Cooper is a great receiver, a great competitor, but I think I bring a lot more to the table,” White said. “He’s at Alabama with Nick Saban. They have a whole bunch of other tools that help him out where he’s not getting double-covered. A lot of attention is not just strictly on Amari Cooper. … On West Virginia, it’s just, ‘OK, let’s shut Kevin White down.’ They have a lot of attention toward me.”

Cooper led college football with 124 receptions, 1,727 receiving yards and 16 TD receptions. White finished with109 catches, 1,447 yards and 10 touchdowns.

Mike Mayock says White “has the highest ceiling of any wide receiver in the draft.” Mayock also said Cooper “has the highest floor.

Some experts have White going to the Oakland Raiders with the No. 4 pick of the NFL Draft.





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