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Kysre Gondrezick Continuing To Make Her Late Father Proud

Many people struggle with the thought of losing a parent. Parents are everything to their children; they’re the ones that brought you into the world and show you how to live in it.

Losing a parent is a hard situation to cope with. For WVU guard Kysre Gondrezick, her way of coping was to leave it all on the floor, just like her pops would’ve wanted her to.

This past Thursday, Grant Gondrezick, Kysre’s father, passed away at the age of 57.

Gondrezick was a former NBA player for the Phoenix Suns and the Los Angeles Clippers. The 6’5″ shooting guard was also a successful college and international player.

At Pepperdine, Gondrezick was a four-year player who averaged 9.1 points. In his last two seasons, Gondrezick averaged 13.5 points for the Waves.

The Colorado native helped Pepperdine appear in three NCAA Tournaments (’82, ’83, ’86).

In the 1986 NBA Draft, the Phoenix Suns took Gondrezick in the fourth round. During his rookie campaign, Gondrezick appeared in 70 games for the Suns, averaging 5.5 points in 13 minutes.

After a season in France, Gondrezick returned to the NBA to play for the Los Angeles Clippers, signing as a free agent. In 27 games, Gondrezick recorded 3.9 points per game.

After the NBA, Gondrezick played in the European leagues until his retirement in 1998.

Just two days after her father’s passing, Kysre Gondrezick had a game in which her father was proud of from above. Everything that her father had taught her about the game of basketball, came full-circle last Saturday.

From warm-ups to player introductions, during the game and post-game, Gondrezick was still mourning the passing of her father, but that didn’t stop her from giving it her all.

Against No. 17 Texas, Gondrezick finished the game with 24 points on 43% shooting from the field. The redshirt senior recorded five assists and two steals on Saturday night.

West Virginia was able to defeat the ranked Longhorns, 92-58.

After the game, Gondrezick had all of the support in the world from her coaches and teammates and the Texas’ side as well.

Texas coach Vic Schaefer and potential No. 1-pick Charli Collier found Gondrezick to give their condolences.

Schaefer admired the courage that Gondrezick showed against his team.

“You’ve got to tip your hat to that kid,” Schaefer said. “I admire her for her courage today because that was a courageous thing that she did.”

“I’m sure her daddy is awfully proud of her,” Schaefer added.

To top off the emotional day, Gondrezick’s teammates all embraced her with hugs as “Take Me Home, Country Roads” blasted throughout the coliseum.

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