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Looking Back: Fans Favorites From WVU and Virginia Tech

After a satisfactory win against Long Island University ending in a 66-0 blowout, West Virginia football hosts Virginia Tech in a rivalry game on Saturday, in Morgantown.

The rivalry between the Mountaineers and the Hokies goes all the way back to 1912, calculating more than 50 total meetings between the two schools. The Mountaineers hold the lead against the Hokies with an overall record of 28-23-1.

Due to the rivalry that’s been between the two football programs, WVU coach Neal Brown is working on educating the players on what this game means.

Saturday’s game at the Milan Puskar Stadium is the second matchup in 16 seasons. This game is also the first game between the two since 2017.

“From a fanbase standpoint, the rivalry sticks out more than the players, just because it hasn’t been played on an annual basis since the early 2000s” West Virginia head coach Neal Brown said during his weekly press conference.

Mountaineer fans are ready to welcome the Hokies to town, selling out the gold rush matchup for Saturday.

Many fans chimed in on social media accounts such as Facebook and Twitter regarding their favorite memories against Virginia Tech. Some mentioning memories with WVU alumni players such as Grant Wiley, Major Harris, Brain King, and Jahmile Addae. A couple of fans even mentioned former Virginia Tech head coach Frank Beamer.

Fans had favorite memories that go back to 2002 with Grant Wiley. Many said they remember Wiley’s tackle in Blacksburg and that it was the biggest defensive stop in history.

Stephen Hirzel on facebook writes that they remember the “2002 Grant Wiley and WVU defense goal line stand on Suggs.”

Robert Horton adds, “Grant Wiley tackle! In Blacksburg! Biggest defensive stop in history!”

Major Harris was mentioned in a memory from 1987 when he was playing an amazing season as a freshman quarterback leading his team to victory.

Several fans brought Brian King up as their favorite memory going back to the early 2000s when he intercepted the ball in the end zone to secure a WVU win.

Corey Bryan remembers “Brian King intercepting the ball in the end zone to secure the win.”

Jahmile Addae’s hit on Virginia Tech’s receiver Jared Mazzetta in Blacksburg, which resulted in being flagged. Many fans say they believed the flag was a bad call due to Addae leading with his shoulder.

Fans also found excitement in watching Beamer coach the Hokies, saying their favorite memory was when he would get upset with his players.

Steve Hammonds comments “Frank Beamer smacking a player on the sidelines when they came in ranked and left spanked,” was his favorite memory.

With everyone reminiscing about their favorite memories, many Mountaineer fans are excited about this upcoming game. Due to the Black Diamond Trophy being involved many are nervous to see how the long rivalry is going to turn out for this season.

With the support of the fans, West Virginia is looking to make new memories for its fans this weekend, as they will look to beat Virginia Tech for the first time since 2003.

Photo by Bryan Doughtery, Blue Gold Sports

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