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McAfee named NFL’s Top Punter of the decade

Indianapolis, IN. – Pro Bowl punter Pat McAfee has made a name for himself from his time on the football field in Morgantown and Indianapolis and now in his professional life after football. Pro Football Focus recently named that McAfee was being named the league’s top punter of the decade.

Per PFF, McAfee was the highest ranked punter of the decade.

PFF highlighted that the Mountaineer was the best punter while he was playing in the league over the past decade. McAfee also showcased his skills by occasionally participating in kickoffs, where McAfee was able to showcase his athleticism and overall football skills.

During his time at West Virginia, McAfee was a three-year starter, a Lou Groza Award semi-finalist, and played on the 2006 Sugar Bowl team, 2007 Gator Bowl team and the 2007 Fiesta Bowl team.

McAfee was a seventh round draft pick in the 2009 NFL Draft, playing eight years in the NFL before retiring and quite literally taking over the media and broadcasting world. McAfee worked with Barstool Sports for a year, has his own nationally syndicated daily radio show, and has appeared on ESPN’s College Gameday as well as a role on ESPN’s Thursday night college football games. That’s just in the past several years since “retiring” from the NFL.

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