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McConaughey finds inspiration in Holgorsen

Two stark opposite ends of the spectrum; Matthew McConaughey and Dana Holgorsen have a new common thread between the two; Holgorsen’s hair. It was recently reported that award-winning actor Matthew McConaughey looked to the coach of the West Virginia Mountaineers for “hair-spiration” for his new movie, “Gold.”

For the movie, McConaughey gained 40 pounds to take on the role of Kenny Wells. In an interview with Austin, Texas newspaper, The Statesman, the actor stated he wanted his character to have the hair of Dana Holgorsen. Coming from a die-hard University of Texas fan, we can imagine gaining inspiration from another Big 12 team may have shocked some who may not be familiar with the head coach’s infamous hairstyle.

Bryce Dallas Howard and Matthew McConaughey in “Gold.” Contributed

In the Statesman interview, McConaughey said of the matter; “I haven’t told anyone else this. I went to the hair lady, said, ‘It’s this guy’s hair,’ and handed her a picture of Dana Holgorsen,” McConaughey said, laughing uproariously.

With Coach Holgorsen’s hair being a relatively constant topic of conversation, especially when his team is performing (or under-performing), Mountaineers fans can revel in the fact that the hair that gets occasionally mocked by the media is now a layer of Matthew McConaughey’s role in the new movie “Gold.”

Maybe now that Coach Holgorsen’s hair has the stamp of approval from the likes of McConaughey, the style will be embraced . . . or perchance, catch on? Likely not, but at least Matthew McConaughey approves.

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