Sunday, October 23, 2016

Meet Rehydrate’s Pat White in five West Virginia Wal-Marts starting this Friday!


It’s clear more people are looking for healthy drink alternatives than ever.  One brand, born in West Virginia and celebrating this interest is Rehydrate, who offers an acclaimed sugar free, calorie free and caffeine free, line of drinks that is exploding in popularity.  Rehydrate recently announced they are now carried by Walmart, a true milestone for a brand that has only existed for just over a year.  

This week Pat White will be in person promoting REHYDRATE at the following Walmart locations; On 10/23 Summersville 2:30-4PM; Fayetteville 4:30-6PM; Macarthur 6:30-7:30PM; On 10/24 Beckley 12:30-2PM South Charleston 3:30-5PM.

With more people becoming health and fitness conscious, it’s becoming clearer that people are losing interest in “old school” sports drinks – packed with sugar and an ineffective old formula.

“After years of research and development and experience as a division 1 college football coach at WVU and Marshall, competing at the highest level, I am proud to have developed an effective Rehydration drink,” commented Coach Zack Gottfried, Founder and CEO of the company.  “Don’t Fade REHYDRATE has three times more electrolytes and double the vitamins as ‘sports’, drinks while containing Zero Sugar, Calories, Caffeine, Fats and only 1 carb.  It’s a game changer. Pat and I wanted to launch in West Virginia to bring a health conscious product back to the place we call home. We hope to move our headquarters to West Virginia soon and create new jobs for the great people in West Virginia”

In addition to quick success in the retail world, Rehydrate has also been recognized by the American Cancer Society for its health conscious formula. “We are excited and honored to partner with the American Cancer Society, cancer is a disease that has touched us all.  We believe our company’s product and values closely align with the mission of the American Cancer Society and Relay For Life.  This is our way of giving back.”

Rehydrate anticipates they will also be able to fill the need for school athletic programs who desire a sugar free drink that can rehydrate kids playing sports without having to teach them unhealthy habits.

The drink line has been endorsed by a long list of impressive names, including people like Pat White, former NFL Quarterback, Jarrett Brown and Mike Brown a former NBA player and NBA Championship Coach.

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