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Meet the Coaches: Blake Seiler

In our next edition of Meet the Coaches, we introduce you to one of the defensive coaches, Blake Seiler. Coach Blake Seiler will be coaching inside linebackers for the Mountaineers as he moves West to East, coming to Morgantown after being on the coaching staff for the Kansas State Jayhawks. Seiler has a great background in football, but what makes him most interesting is his career outside of the gridiron. Not familiar? Well Coach Seiler’s resume also boasts an engineering job with Cesna Aircraft.

Seiler has used his engineering degree, and engineering career, in all of his 11 years of coaching, all with Coach Bill Snyder in Manhattan and now looks to use those same tools for West Virginia’s defense.

“Engineering is solving problems, right? That’s what defensive football is all about — being able to design schemes and different looks that may confuse the opponent,” Seiler points out. “Obviously, if you get beat on something, where’s the problem? How do we fix the problem? That’s the definition of engineering — problem solving.”

Seiler’s connection to the Wildcats runs deep, not only did he coach for Kansas State, but he played football for the Wildcats as well. Seiler walked on for the Wildcats after his freshman year on the wrestling team at Oklahoma State, knowing he had a strong passion for Wildcats football. From an early age, it would take a lot to tie Seiler away from Kansas State.

Fast forward some years and something has pulled Seiler away from Little Manhattan: Coach Neal Brown and the West Virginia Mountaineers.

Seiler spent a vast majority of his life in the Kansas-Oklahoma area, and with his new coaching gig in Morgantown, he brings himself to a new part of the country, but brings his wife closer to her native Pennsylvania. Now settled in West Virginia, Coach Seiler will set his sights on the middle linebackers, but also the added role of special teams coordinator. Special teams coordinator will be a completely new role for the engineer-turned coach, but this is nothing someone with the football and professional background Seiler has can’t handle.

Over the past several months, Coach Seiler has been given time to get settled to his new town, team and job. Now it’s time to go to work. And for someone with the work experience has Seiler, there’s no doubt he will do just that.


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