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Miles McBride Speaks About First Tournament Appearance, Trip To Indianapolis

On Wednesday afternoon, WVU guard Miles “Deuce” McBride spoke to the media on a whole range of topics from what he does during his downtime to watching March Madness as a kid.

This is the first year where the entire NCAA Tournament is being played in one area of the country, rather than all over because of COVID-19. Until today, the players weren’t allowed to leave their hotel rooms, as they were isolating and waiting on test results. The sophomore guard from Cincinnati, Ohio, is just happy to be here, as this is McBride’s first NCAA Tournament appearance.

“[I’m] just really excited. I was talking with some of my teammates and it’s really like the closest feeling I get to it is an elite AAU Tournament,” McBride said. “You’ve got a bunch of big names, a bunch of guys that can really play. We’ve got the best teams, the best players in America all in one place and I think it’s unique.”

All of the isolating, comes with a lot of down time. McBride said he doesn’t play video games, so how does he occupy his time?

“I got a book from here, the John Thompson book, started reading that. So, honestly, it really is nothing but basketball for me,” McBride said. “Other teammates probably got video games and other things they are keeping up with.”

McBride eventually remembered another activity he does in his spare time.

Oh, study hall, yeah. Academics, for sure,” McBride added.

Growing up as a kid, McBride watched a lot of March Madness games, and remembers a lot of moments from it, especially the West Virginia Final Four run in 2010, but one game in particular sticks out with the sophomore guard.

“One of the main games I remember is Marcus Paige, hitting a big shot for North Carolina, and then, Villanova coming down and Kris Jenkins hits a big shot. So, obviously, there’s always been big upsets, big shots by big-time players is where they all come and really get rolling.”

With playing in the Big 12, WVU has a lot of games at 8 p.m. or later. The Mountaineers will tip-off at approximately 9:50 p.m. For most players, it would be hard to focus on the rest of the day, just watching the clock tick to game time, but for McBride, he and his team have been practicing for this all year.

“We had a couple of late games this season. We’re just going to do the same thing, kind of take it slow,” McBride said. “Think about the game, kind of stay focused that day. But overall it’s a long day, try to keep [being] relaxed, stay off our feet, things like that.”

(Top Photo: Dale Sparks)

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