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Morgantown welcomes fans for first time this season on Saturday

Morgantown, W.VA. – The moment West Virginia football fans have been waiting for since last November is finally days away: Saturday’s third home game of the season is the first game fans will be in attendance since the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak. Since March, fans have very vocally expressed concerns and fears about whether or not games in Morgantown would have fans and now the game week many have been looking forward to is finally here.

Morgantown, let’s bring on your Mountaineer fans.

It goes without saying that the world as we know it stopped in March. For many, when the concerns of COVID-19 became real it was a slight adjustment to their daily lives. For college athletes around the country, the world stopped. No sports, no competition, no fans.

Now, almost six months later, a very reduced amount of fans will be allowed into Milan Puskar Stadium.

Prior to opening the stadium up to the general public, the families of players and coaches were in attendance. Many could hear the cheers of the family in attendance during West Virginia’s first two home games. It’s safe to say that Saturday afternoon will sound a little different during the game.

Mountaineer fans know that there’s something undeniably special about being at Milan Puskar Stadium on Saturdays in the fall. The pandemic and its concerns almost took that away from fans, so Saturday’s first game with fans will feel extra special.

Take a second and think about that first round of “Country Roads” each fall. There’s something extra special about the first time you sing it alongside 60,000 people in Morgantown, but it goes without saying that if “Country Roads” gets sung on Saturday, it will surely be one to remember.

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