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Mountaineers hope for a change in Monday’s game at Texas

Austin, TX. – The Mountaineers are on an unfortunate downward spiral as we kick off the last two weeks of the regular season. Having lost another road game on Saturday in overtime at TCU, the Mountaineers have to find a way to leave the state of Texas Monday with a victory.

It’s most important to note that this team has already met, exceeded and stepped past any expectations for the season when compared to last season. This is a young team with truly a lot left to learn. At one point this season, expectations were high and emotions were running that “this could be the year” and talks of March Madness were running rampant.

It can very well still happen. But it starts in Austin, Texas tonight.

The Longhorns have had themselves a disappointing season thus far, sitting at 16-11 overall and 6-8 in the conference. Rumors of Shaka Smart’s future have been swirling (hopefully he’s been eating out every single meal to soak up all the offerings the food scene has to offer) and then an unfortunate photo of an empty basketball arena minutes before tip off circulated social media.

When the Mountaineers played host to the Longhorns in Morgantown, the home field luck was evident as the good rolled over the Longhorns 97-59. With an abysmal showing of fan support for the Longhorns, and barring no sighting of the “Minister of Culture” himself, the Mountaineers need this win to show that they actually can compete on the road. Heck, all of the games in March are on the road minus the regular season finale.

Win in Austin, come home to where you belong and focus on chiseling away at the next three games after tonight. There’s your short to-do list, Mountaineers.

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