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Mountaineers in the XFL

With no live sports for the foreseeable future, sports addicts like myself have to find new and creative ways to get their sports fix. Maybe it’s waking up at 4:00am to watch a ten year old basketball game (guilty). Maybe it’s staying up until almost midnight to pretend you don’t know how this year’s National Championship game ended (also guilty).

But my latest attempt at pumping sports through my veins: familiarizing myself with the short-lived 2020 XFL season and how this short season could impact Mountaineers in the XFL with potential to move onto (or back into) the NFL.

At the end of the abbreviated season, there were six Mountaineers on XFL rosters: Kenny Bigelow (DC Defenders), Dravon Askew-Henry (NY Guardians), Kenny Robinson (St. Louis Battlehawks), Terence Garvin (NY, Guardians), Will Clarke (St. Louis Battlehawks) and Marquis Lucas (Tampa Bay Vipers).

The XFL was only able to five weeks of their season before all sports came to a screeching halt in order to aid in stopping the spread of the COVID-19. In those five weeks, football fans across the country delighted in bonus football time, live mics, new-ish rules and the chance to see some of their favorite players get more time on the gridiron.

As a result of the shortened season, the XFL is allowing the NFL to sign players starting this week. It was previously announced that the XFL would be paying players their full season contracted pay, and now are allowing them to sign with NFL teams prior to the 2020 NFL draft.

Kenny Robinson has made his presence known following his departure from West Virginia. Robinson chose playing in the XFL versus transferring to another school after his dismissal from West Virginia and now could be a potential day two draft pick in a few weeks. The safety would not be eligible to be signed as a free agent but is available to be drafted in this year’s draft.

So far there have been three XFL players signed by NFL teams and that number will likely increase in the coming weeks, meaning there’s more chances to see Mountaineers in the NFL come this fall.

Tell us, what do you think of the XFL?

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