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NCAA okays college football to start a week early

It seems that every day there’s a new comment, statement, article or tweet about the state of affairs of college football this fall. This article falls exactly in line with that.

Monday evening, the NCAA issued out a blanket waiver informing all FBS schools that schools can move forward with football games starting August 29, what has normally been known as “Week Zero.”

The official start of the football season was originally set to kick off on Labor Day Weekend, with the Mountaineers taking on the Seminoles in Atlanta on September 5. That non-conference game is still currently up in the air as both conferences are still sorting out what is best for their schools.

Two Big 12 opponents have chosen to move up from September 5 to August 29; both Kansas and Oklahoma will start their seasons a week early.

With two of the ten Big 12 teams moving their seasons up a week, during a time when the conference has not announced any sort of plan, whatsoever, the conference now faces a more uphill battle in terms of decision making. At a time when possibly delaying the season has been discussed, the conference now has two members moving their personal seasons up a week.

It’s evident that the Big 12, and really NCAA college football, needs some sort of unified decision on the fall season. Sadly, the option to move the season up a week completely complicates things.

This approval of moving games up a week allows the ten teams scheduled to play on August 29 the ability to start fall camp a week earlier. These ten teams will likely be heavily scrutinized as they will be the first ones to have full contact practice.

These ten teams have the potential to set the standard and tone for the rest of the football season, if there is one.

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