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NCAA passes aid legislation

MORGANTOWN, W.Va.–Last week the NCAA Division I Council passed legislation that allows partial scholarship sports such as baseball to use need-based and merit-based awards and scholarships for student athletes without counting against a team’s scholarship limit.

This goes into effect August 1 and will be finalized at a July 27 meeting with the NCAA Division I Board of Directors.

“The 30,000 foot answer is that anytime we get extra money for student athletes in any sport, and especially baseball, we’re elated with that,” American Baseball Coaches Association Executive Director Craig Keilitz told “Everyone has their good and bad at their school. You might be at a state school and not have quite as much to benefit you from this, but your tuition and fees are less. You might be at a private school who can benefit more from this, but your tuition and fees are much higher.

“In general, I think this is very good for the athlete. Especially, now, where every dollar counts for student athletes. I think this is a good piece of legislation that helps out every sport not named football or basketball.”

This legislation is believed to be more beneficial to private school programs such as Vanderbilt. However, public school will not be left out.

D1Baseball’s Kendall Rogers breaks down everything in last week’s article:

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