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NCAA to grant spring athletes another year of eligibility

MORGANTOWN, W.Va.–After the NCAA canceled the NCAA Tournament and all other winter and spring championships due to the coronavirus, the NCAA announced that it is granting “eligibility relief” to student-athletes whose seasons and careers were cut short.

It spans further than men’s basketball but to baseball, softball, lacrosse, hockey, women’s basketball and other spring sports across the board.

Players and coaches were devastated by the news of the cancelation of their seasons, including several West Virginia senior student-athletes such as Jermaine Haley, Chase Harler, Logan Routt, Braden Zarbnisky, Tynice Martin, Lucky Rudd and Kevin Brophy to name a few.

However, this affects more than Mountaineer athletes. It affects seniors all across the nation who has given their blood, sweat and tears for several years to their programs. Players like Michigan State’s Cassius Winston, Kansas’ Udoka Azubuike, Penn State’s Lamar Stevens, Seton Hall’s Myles Powell, Haley, Routt, Harler and others who won’t get the opportunity to go dancing and cut down the nets.

Now, this possibly means these student-athletes will get back the year of eligibility that would have been used on this year’s shortened season.

“The NCAA’s Council Coordination Committee has agreed to grant relief for the use of a season of competition for student-athletes who have participated in spring sports,” basketball analyst Jeff Goodman tweeted. “Committee will also discuss issues for winter sport student-athletes.”

The NCAA released the following statement:

“The NCAA Board of Governors encourages conferences and schools to make decisions and take action in the best interest of student-athletes and their communities. In addition, the NCAA Board of Governors directs Divisions I, II and III to consider necessary adjustments to or waivers of rules where appropriate.”

The Board of Governors for each division must pass the changes for them to be implemented.

One of the biggest challenges will be scholarships and possible expanded rosters.

Currently, NCAA in-person recruiting is on hiatus.

Cover Photo Credit: Shanna Rose, BGS

Shanna Rose
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