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Neal Brown and WVU Readying for Virginia Tech

On Tuesday, Neal Brown spoke with the media about his team’s performance against Long Island University, as well as West Virginia’s upcoming game against Virginia Tech on Saturday.

Reaction From LIU

Brown said against LIU he was happy with what his team accomplished over the weekend, and the team is going to continue to try and get better.

“Achieved what we mostly wanted to achieve,” Brown said. “A lot of people got reps. I thought it was a relatively clean football game overall.”

Virginia Tech Rivalry

Brown knows the fans are excited for this game, and he is trying to educate his team on the rivalry.

“I know our fanbase is excited about this game. Our players we are educating them this week about the rivalry,” Brown said. “It’s a trophy game. Playing for the Black Diamond Trophy. I think anytime you play one of those game it matters. By my calculation, I think Virginia Tech has had possession of the Black Diamond Trophy for over 6,000 days now.”

Virginia Tech Preview

Brown took time to talk about what he likes about the Hokies. Brown likes their special team’s unit, the defensive line, as well as their run game.

“It starts with special teams. They do a tremendous job there. I think they are very well coached and their specialists are very good,” Brown said. “Defensively they are playing at a high level. I think it starts with the defensive line. They do a great job within their scheme. Offensively they want to run the ball. I don’t think they are trying to hide that.

Garrett Greene

After Garrett Greene had a strong performance against LIU, Brown answered about how he feel’s about his development.

“It was a mixed bag,” Brown said of Greene’s performance. “He tends to get really excited, and I thought he handled himself really well. I thought he was under control, he showed some maturity. I thought his run decisions were really good. I thought his vision once he scrambled was really good. With him it’s going to be a mixture. You don’t want to contain what’s the best things about him which is the ability to freelance and the ability to make plays on the run. But you also don’t want him breaking out every single time.”

On Greene’s potential playing time this weekend and moving forward Brown said it is all in an initial plan.

“You have to go in with an intentional plan. Im not saying that’s the gospel, I’m saying that’s how we’ve done it in the past,” Brown said. “When you run into some issues is just your ability to practice.”

Thoughts on new Big 12 Expansion

“I really haven’t thought about [expansion]. It really doesn’t affect anything we are doing here and now.”

Mike O’Laughlin

“He did some things yesterday. he’s going to practice today. We’ll see where that goes.”

Photo by Bryan Dougherty, Blue Gold Sports

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