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Neal Brown Gives QB Update

When Neal Brown met with the media on Tuesday he talked about a lot of topics, including the upcoming Pro Day and spring practice. The thing he talked about that would catch the attention of most Mountaineer fans though, is the quarterbacks. 

What he had to say on redshirt sophomore QB Garrett Greene.

“Garrett’s the oldest and he’s probably been the most consistent. He probably hasn’t had as many highs or as many lows as the other two.”

The next guy he mentioned, the one Mountaineer fans are most interested in hearing about, was freshman QB Nicco Marchiol. 

“Nicco had a great day on Thursday, kind of had his welcome to college football moments on Saturday, where they got loud in there and defense started making some plays, you know got to remember he’s a high school senior too and so I thought he bounced back and did a better job today”

The final QB Neal Brown talked about is redshirt freshman QB Will “Goose” Crowder.

“Goose has been a little bit up and down as well”

On what he’s going to continue to look for through the spring.

“I think overall what you want to do is you want to get probably into the double digit practices before you really have a feel kind of what they’re doing.”

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