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Neal Brown: Lessons from Texas Tech, Baylor Preview, Executing Better

After suffering a 23-20 defeat to Texas Tech on Saturday, West Virginia now turns to its matchup against Baylor. Head coach Neal Brown spoke in his weekly press conference about his team’s lackluster first half against Texas Tech, as well as previewing Baylor and how he hopes his team can execute at a higher level.

Texas Tech Reaction

Brown said he was still mad about the way his team played in the first half against Texas Tech. The Mountaineers did not score any points in the first half and yielded 17 to Texas Tech and felt his team lacked energy.

“I’m so pissed about how we played in the beginning of the game because in other sports I kind of understand, you got all these games in other sports. Football, you get 12. But how do you not get ready to play one game a week. I don’t get it.”

Brown was impressed with his defensive line and the effort they gave. He feels they are improving and played well enough to win this past week.

“I thought we played good enough on the defensive line. That’s the biggest difference between the Maryland game. In the Maryland game we didn’t play very well D-line wise in the first half. This week we really were pretty consistent up front. I thought our D-line played well, we just didn’t play good enough at the second or third level to win the game.”

Lastly, Brown said he understands the frustration of the results of his team so far this season, and is just as frustrated with this team as anyone else is.

“We’ve yet to put a whole game together, and it’s frustrating. Our fans are frustrated, and I get it. Nobody’s more frustrated than me. And our first half versus Texas Tech was inexcusable. I can’t reason it. We competed in second half that we played well.”

Baylor Matchup

This Saturday, the Mountaineers travel to Waco, Texas, to play Baylor and Brown knows what Baylor will want to do offensively while also being impressed with some aspects of Baylor defensively.

“I’ve got a lot of respect for Dave Aranda, and his staff, and I think they’ve done a great job,” Brown said on Baylor’s head coach.

“They want to run the ball. I think the running backs are both playing well they’ve got two and I think they complement each other. They got big play threats on the outside, guys that run really really well,” Brown said. “They’re not turning it over and they’re running the football.”

As for the defense, Brown said he is ready for the challenge to try and stop linebacker Terrel Bernard. Bernard, a senior, is very versatile as a linebacker and Brown knows it is important to know where he is on the field.

“He’s fast. As fast as any linebacker,” Brown said. “He does really good job running things down. They blitz him quite a bit, and he does a great job in that aspect, not only from the edge, but interior as well. And he’s playmaker. We’ve got to account for where he’s at. And he’s gonna make plays, he’s gonna make tackles. We just got to make sure those aren’t tackles for losses.”


Brown said he wants his team to get better at running the ball, as well as then producing better offensively.

“We’ve got to be able to run the ball better and we have to be efficient in our pass game,” Brown said.

Brown later said his offense will only be able to do much as its personnel it to.

“I think that everything you do is based off of what your offensive line and quarterbacks are capable of doing.”

Moving forward, Brown hopes his team can get better and play for a full 60 minutes. He recognizes his teams struggles and will try to get his team get ready to play a full game this week and moving forward.

“We are a 2-3 football team, and we lack consistency, and we have to play better and we have to do so for a full game.”

West Virginia and Baylor is set to kickoff at 12 p.m. and will be televised on FS1.

Photo by Dale Sparks, All Pro Photography

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