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New targeting, overtime rules to be implemented this season

MARTINSBURG – For the 2019-20 season, the NCAA has introduced a new targeting rule and overtime rule as the league continues to address player safety.

Greg Burks, Big 12 coordinator of officials, said the rules for NCAA football is done on a two year cycle, with this being an off year. Therefore, only rules that can be addressed are player safety.

All targeting will be reviewed and all elements of the targeting must must be confirmed for player disqualification.

“It’s a little bit of a distinction in that in the past a call on the field would stand if there wasn’t anything to demonstrate that all elements were present,” Burks said. “So in the replay booth this year, all elements of targeting must present themselves or the call will be overturned.”

In addition to a launch, a crouch, a thrust, leading with the helmet, forearm, lowering the head – the rule book will now contain the word attacking.

“We have had some targeting fouls in the past where a player really is not initiating the contact but there has been helmet-to-helmet,” Burks said. “Without the attacking piece, targeting will not stand this year.”

Also, if a student-athlete receives a third targeting foul during a season, they will be out for a remainder of that game and an automatic one games suspension, Burks explained.

Officials have also added to rules of overtime as a result of the LSU, Texas A&M game which went into seven overtimes.

“The number of plays in a seven overtime game is deemed to be unsafe,” Burks said. “The first four overtimes this year will be played exactly the same way. Beginning with the fifth extra period, we will no longer have the traditional overtime, we will immediately go to a two-point try. Remember after the third you can’t kick a field goal.”

Burks added that in absence of media timeouts, after the second and fourth extra period there will be a mandatory two minute break.

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