Monday, March 18, 2019

New WVU Prospect Jamil Dukes Speaks To BGS

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Jamil Dukes has been viewed as one of the most underrated prospects in the state of North Carolina going into his senior season.  That stigma has slowly started to change as he begins to accumulate offers including the one he received this evening,  “I’m very happy about the offer and it makes me feel good that they offered me.” said of the WVU offer.

Dukes, a 6’5 304 lbs. defensive lineman from Mooresville (NC), was named the 2014 3A/4A Player of the Year in North Carolina but had yet to see a strong interest from the collegiate level. A productive summer and start to his senior season has put Dukes on the radar of some major programs such as Georgia, Michigan, North Carolina State, and Tennessee.

Despite the growing interest from power 5 conference schools they all will have work to do to get ahead of East Carolina who has been his favorite from the beginning.

However, the offer this evening has put the Mountaineers in a great position moving forward, “WVU is very high on my list at the moment and I will visit there this upcoming season” Jamil said of where WVU stands at this moment.

Dukes was extended the Mountaineer offer today from WVU assistant coach Lonnie Galloway. The WVU offer makes 6 now with Temple, among others, beginning to show greater interest. Jamil is projected to be a defensive tackle at the college level and would be a good fit to the Mountaineers 3-3-5 scheme at the nose tackle position.

Lastly Dukes spoke of the renewed interest in Mountaineers opening game this weekend against Georgia Southern, a school that has also extended an offer. Even though he has every intention of watching the game he made it clear that he would not choose a favorite. He does however expect to see a good game Saturday night in Morgantown.



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