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Newly Added Mountaineer Malik Curry Has Must Hear Story

Malik Curry is a point guard from Old Dominion who transferred to play for the West Virginia men’s basketball team on Thursday night.

The recently added Curry was named to the All-Conference USA Second Team in the 2020-21 season. Now, Curry is set to play an important role as a point guard on next year’s WVU team.

Unfortunately, for Malik Curry, his path to playing collegiate basketball for a Power Five school wasn’t an easy one.

Malik’s father—Hermon Curry—ran a soccer tournament called The Marcus Garvey soccer tournament. Curry ran the tournament for 16 years that brought teams from Maryland, New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania. In July of 2012, Curry’s 16th time running the tournament happened to be his last.

As Hermon Curry was preparing to speak to a crowd, two men came up behind Curry and tapped him on the shoulder.

They told Hermon Curry that he was going to die. Then, they proceeded to shoot him in the chest three times in front of a crowd of hundreds.

Hermon Curry was pronounced dead later that day.

The passing of Curry affected everyone in the Wilmington, Delaware community. Curry was a great father to his six children, while also helping autistic children and coaching sports teams. Why would this happen to a great man?

In 2008, Hermon Curry witnessed the murder of an individual killed by Otis Phillips—one of the men that killed him. Curry told police that he would testify as a witness. So Phillips set out a plan to kill Curry so he couldn’t testify.

“My Dad, he was just a great person,” Malik Curry said. “He was the type of guy who, if we had a basketball game, would pick up the whole team and take them to the game. A lot of kids he coached didn’t have their dads in their lives. He made sure to take care of them.”

“He loved kids. He just wanted the best for every kid he knew. That’s all he wanted,” Curry added.

Malik for years was affected by the loss of his father, as he wouldn’t talk about it with anyone—including family. For years, Malik Curry has remained silent about his father but now he wants people to learn about his story.

Curry told writer Harry Minium of ODU that he wants people to know that he overcame unthinkable loss, and so can others.

Malik Curry has been on a mission to make his father proud. Curry attended Palm Beach State—a JUCO in Florida—due to high school credits not transferring over. After two years playing in the junior college circuit, Curry transferred to Old Dominion and instantly became a contributor.

Here are Curry’s stats during his two seasons at Old Dominion.


In 2020, Malik’s life changed for the better, as he was present for the birth of his son, Malakai Curry. Malik instantly fell in love with his child and was ready for the role that his own father was so good at.

“My dad, he was the perfect father. I learned so much about being a dad from watching my parents,” Curry said. “I know I have to be the same role model for my son.”

Malik Curry has been through a lot in his young life but one thing stays the same.

Make pops proud.

(Credit: Harry Minium / ODU)


(Top Photo: Delaware Online)

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