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Now is the time to join the BGS Forum

With coaching changes pending and the AD search in full force BGS has the inside scoop on everything surrounding WVU athletics. Although our forum is free there is some information that is only available to our members.

We do this for several reasons. Allowing only members to see certain aspects of the forum gives us the ability to see who is viewing our information. This also gives us the opportunity to entice discussion on one platform instead of multiple social media sites.

While most sites would charge for this information all we are doing is merely asking you to register. Once you are a registered member of BGS you will see a hidden section of the forum called “members forum”. This is where we will regularly update all information about coaches, the AD search, as well as up-to-the-minute recruiting information.

If you are not able to successfully register please email us at and we will solve any problem you may have.

We hope you take advantage of this free service and enjoy getting all the information we have from behind the scenes.

You can find our forum here.

Jeremy Simon
Founder and publisher of, Jeremy is also a contributor to USA Today as well as covers the Mountaineers for Athlon Sports. Follow on Twitter @JSi07
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