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Opinion: Why The New Transfer Portal is Bad For The NCAA

As All-American DB Tykee Smith enters the transfer portal, we have to address the issue that the NCAA is facing dealing with the new era of the transfer portal.

This year is the first cycle with the new transfer rule where student athletes can get a “free” transfer and be immediate eligible for the next season. In previous years, players transferring would have to sit out for a year. The only way you could be immediate eligible prior to the new rule was receiving a wavier (a good excuse) or they were a graduate transfer.

Just in the last two days, Tykee Smith and Jordan McCabe have announced their departures from their respective programs. The sad part is, WVU is actually in good shape compared to other athletic departments right now. The college basketball transfer portal has about 800 players around the country looking for a new team.

There are three problems I see with the new rule:

  1. Tampering
  2. When times get tough, a player can just leave whenever they want to
  3. Parity in the sport (especially college football)

Let’s be honest, if we were college athletes playing with this rule, you can’t say you wouldn’t think about texting a high school/AAU teammate and asking them if you want to team up one day. The NCAA can’t stop (for example) Miles McBride from texting high school teammate Jeremiah Davenport (Cincinnati) and saying he should come to WVU.

College sports is going to always have adversity, on every, single team. Now, instead of overcoming the adversity, a player can just leave and start with a fresh scene. There’s no penalty anymore for transferring, so why not use it when times get tough.

This point may get eye rolls but here we go. With the parity point, it was already bad enough in college football. I would bet you can’t name me more than 10 schools that seriously stand a chance at winning the College Football Playoff in any year.

  • Alabama
  • Ohio State
  • Clemson
  • Oklahoma
  • Notre Dame
  • Georgia
  • Auburn / LSU

Every. Damn. Year.

This isn’t fun anymore. I’m tired of watching Bama v. Clemson, Ohio State v. Clemson, etc. Now, with the new rule, this makes it so much worse. The rich get richer. We’ve already seen it this off-season with former DB Dreshun Miller transferring to Auburn. I won’t be surprised at all if Tykee Smith ends up at any of these schools listed above. West Virginia football is now a stepping stone program. Sorry, but it’s the truth. Every football program that isn’t those schools is a stepping stone program. The end goal is the rich.

As Tykee Smith and thousands of other athletes enter their name in a computer system, I think it’s already time for the NCAA to re-think about this. But, let’s see how it all plays out.

(Top Photo: Ben Queen / USA Today)

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