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Pat McAfee Donates $1 Million to WVU Children’s Hospital

Former Mountaineer kicker Pat McAfee has made headlines countless times since being at WVU. Between being a Pro Bowl punter for the Indianapolis Colts, appearing on College Gameday, and having his own successful show, McAfee is always making people happy. 

His show, the Pat McAfee Show, has taken off over the last few years with many star appearances, including a recent regular segment with Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers. 

The sports betting company, FanDuel, has provided the show with a generous amount of funding to continue to keep the show going and grow over the next three or four years. 

With the recent deal, McAfee has decided to immediately give back to the community. Along with multiple donations to youth sports programs in his hometown, McAfee donated one million dollars to the WVU Children’s Hospital.  

In the show’s segment with the donation announcement, McAfee gave a word about what the kids and the facilities have done for him. 

“There was this children’s hospital right across the street from Milan Puskar Stadium where players would get to go over there and interact with kids that were much tougher than all of us and see how it felt to give back and put a smile on their face,” McAfee said. “It was the first place I ever truly served the community.” 

McAfee also credited the former WVU head coach Bill Stewart with pushing his players to give back to the community. The late Coach Stewart was a very influential figure to McAfee, and one of the first people to teach him to give back. 

When McAfee was a star kicker for the Mountaineers from 2005-2008, it would have been hard to predict the success he’d have. McAfee didn’t punt very much for WVU, so being a top punter in the NFL was quite the feat itself. 

McAfee stunned the NFL world when he retired at seemingly the top of his game back in 2017 to pursue a career in entertainment. As the sports world has seen, McAfee is arguably a better entertainer than he was a punter, and that is saying something.  

McAfee has proven how good he is at putting smiles on people’s faces, and this recent gesture to West Virginia University proves that. 

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