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Pat Mcafee gives his opinion on transfer portal, shares revealing story about his time at WVU

Warning: Use of profanity

On Wednesday, former Mountaineer Pat McAfee had a lot to say about the transfer portal, and told a story about his time at West Virginia. 

McAfee was relating the current trends in NFL free agency to the transfer portal in college sports, and felt there were too many people who entered the portal just to be in it. 

“There’s like 2,000 people in the transfer portal, there’s 130 schools. Some people and I think the option to just pick up your shit and leave is not one that should be completely forgotten about,” he said. 

McAfee then talked about his time at West Virginia, telling a story about him and his teammates’ thoughts about their time at West Virginia. 

“I will say every single person that I graduated with at West Virginia at one point or another within the first two years of being there, if they had the ability to get up and leave like that we would have,” McAfee said. There were numerous breakfasts that we were all eating at like ‘fuck this shit, we ain’t doing this.’”

McAfee was empathetic towards college football players, stating they have a lot harder of a daily life than others. 

“College football is difficult, it is very hard, especially when it becomes your entire life. 
Once you get to college, you are now a college football player that has to appear at classes. You have workouts at this time, you have to do this at this time, you have practice [at] this time, you have study sessions this time, and we’re going to check at all these things to make sure you’re there,” he said.

“You become a programmed individual where every moment of your life is basically tracked and understood and it becomes very difficult especially when the workouts are the hardest workouts you have ever done in your life, like there’s no reason my body should be able to do what we’re doing, like I guess this is a mental thing you’re building up,” McAfee added.  

McAfee then voiced his opinion on leaving your school and entering the transfer portal just because you are unhappy. 

“There’s a lot of moments of quit is what I’m saying in college football. So, the transfer portal being as easy as it is; I don’t want to sound like an old person yelling at the clouds, but honestly there’s some moments that you have to get through in life and the transfer portal might be too easy of an out for some people. I think they’re going to miss out on some life lessons and some things that could potentially change them forever in a good way,” McAfee said. “I think you have to know who the fuck you are before you sign up to go in there.”

McAfee’s co-host AJ Hawk who played at Ohio State before playing in the NFL joined in on the conversation. Hawk said he hopes kids don’t rush decisions into the portal. 

“Hopefully if you do go in the transfer portal, it’s been something you’ve been thinking about for a while, you’ve talked over it with your coaches, your parents, whoever you trust and you don’t all of a sudden one day throw your name in there because you’re mad.”

Photo from The Pat McAfee Show, YouTube

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