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Pat McAfee makes WWE debut

On Saturday August 22 Mountaineer Pat McAfee was able to add another bullet point on his already impressive resume: WWE wrestler. The Pro Bowl punter has been a longtime wrestling fan and last weekend took his love of wrestling to the next level: the Mountaineer entered the ring at the WWE NXT Takeover.

McAfee has long been a WWE fan, has participated from the commentary side of the sport and finally entered the ring. McAfee has made the most out of the last few weeks; he got married, took a mini honeymoon and physically prepared for his wrestling debut.

In an interview with ESPN, McAfee states waking up with some nerves during his first few years in the NFL. He expected that same feeling this past Saturday morning, but was instead met with excitement and the desire to get in the ring. McAfee has had a decades-long love of wrestling, so getting a chance to get in the ring was a longtime dream fulfilled.

McAfee has long been known for his personality on and off the football field, and now several years into his NFL retirement the punter continues to hone in on new skills. While it’s not clear yet when McAfee will make his next return to the wrestling ring, it is clear that when it happens the Pro Bowler will let it be known.

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