Friday, October 28, 2016

Pat McAfee: Pro Bowl punter and backup quarterback?

The idea alone sounds crazy. A punter serving as a team’s backup quarterback? There’s no way.

Then, when you take a look at the quarterback situation developing in Indianapolis, the idea does not seem so far-fetched.

With the Colts announcing Andrew Luck will not play this sunday against Miami, all signs point to Matt Hasselbeck making his eighth start of the season. However, he is extremely banged up from the amount of hits he has taken this season, and does not know how much he his left in his 40-year old tank.

After last weeks game against the Texans, Hasselbeck went has far as saying “I’ve got nothing left.”

With Hasselbeck possibly not playing this weekend, that leaves Charlie Whitehurst as the only active QB on the Colts roster. The Titans recently signed away the Colts practice squad quarterback Alex Tanney, and the previous “emergency quarterback” Griff Whalen was placed on the IR.

With the circumstances, it is not outlandish to believe Mcafee could line up behind center this week. In fact, coach Chuck Pagono claims to be preparing a few formations for the WVUPro. “We’ll get him ready, we’ll give him a couple plays. Go wildcat and direct snap, single-wing. We’re putting together some stuff right now.”

Mcafee has thrown for one pass in his career, which was dropped by his target on a fake punt. Mcafee could find himself running the ball as well, which Mcafee has already done once during this season, for an 18 yard gain.

One thing that is for sure, Mcafee will be able to take hits if he is asked to step in and play quarterback. During his career, Mcafee has developed a reputation for one of the best tackling kicker/punters in the NFL. With 24 career tackles, I doubt Mcafee will be one to slide when running downfield, and would preferably lower the “boomstick” as he has been known to call himself.

I would never wish injury upon any player, and hopefully Hasselbeck or Whitehurst can get the job done for Indianpolis this weekend. But, wouldn’t it be something to see Mcafee under center for a few snaps?