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Pitt newspaper argues against Brawl with lame excuse

An article written Monday in the Pitt News, the University of Pitt newspaper, stated that although the Panthers were looking for a replacement to fill the void left in their schedule by Notre Dame the Brawl was the last thing they wanted. Obviously this is not news to any Mountaineer fan, but the reasoning behind their opposition to renewing the rivalry might have been the most absurd excuse I have heard yet.

The author of the article went straight for the obvious, Mountaineer fans. He referenced the recent “riots” in Morgantown as his starting point for what continued to be a timeline of every negative instance he could think of dating back to the events that took place after the Pitt game in 2007 and the incident at the Coliseum when objects were thrown on the court. Congratulations by the way in throwing in one of the greatest moments in the history of your program.

First and foremost, there was no excuse for the events that took place after the Baylor win as it embarrassed the University, the Mountaineer fanbase, not to mention the entire state. But please explain to me how this instance, which is not common practice, is a deterrent to the revival of the Brawl? If you are looking for a rant, don’t worry it’s coming right now.

I find it extremely hard to believe that after only a couple years an entire fanbase could go from being violent and unwelcoming to friendly and hospitable. For the record, these are not self-proclaimed observations, The Mountaineers are Hospitable. I could give you 10 more but I think you already get where I am going with this. You would be hard pressed to find a negative article contending a visiting fan was threatened, harassed, or harmed in any way. This brings me to the point of this article. The problem has nothing to do with the integrity of the Mountaineer fanbase. It is the article linked above that is the problem.

WVU recently renewed their rivalry with Virginia Tech in not only football but EVERY common varsity sport. I can assure you there is no love lost between the Mountaineers and the Hokies either. Rest assured Hokie fans have said all the same things you are still saying. However, both schools saw the benefits of playing each other. See what is happening here? Your excuses are losing validity.

Honestly your arrogance astounds me. I can assure you that others will not look down upon the academic prestige of your “world-class research institution” if the Brawl is renewed. While most relish the opportunity to play that team they so deeply despise you come up with every excuse to avoid it. Fortunately decisions regarding whether the Brawl should be revived are left up to people more important than you or I.

But you go ahead and get excited for your new Backyard Brawl with Marshall (who, by the way, is ranked lower academically than WVU) and breath that sigh of relief every time you pass the Touchdown City exit. Keep portraying yourself as the innocent victim. WVU’s new Big 12 brethren have welcomed Mountaineer Nation with open arms, something that was never done for WVU in the Big East. I will leave you with this article from Pay close attention to WHY Mountaineer fans state they love the Big 12 so much. The word respect is used so many times it could fill Heinz Field, something you have never done although you proclaim you are so concerned with the reputation of your beloved program.So before you continue to throw stones take a long look in the mirror. The problem may be staring right back at you.

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Jeremy Simon
Founder and publisher of, Jeremy is also a contributor to USA Today as well as covers the Mountaineers for Athlon Sports. Follow on Twitter @JSi07
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