Wednesday, June 19, 2019

When Derrek Pitts announced his commitment to Penn State over the summer, it shocked the recruiting world as Pitts was long considered a heavy WVU lean at the time. Shortly after his announcement, WVU defensive coordinator Tony Gibson began to ramp up his effort to flip Pitts back to WVU and this afternoon all that hard work paid off when Pitts announced his commitment to the Mountaineers.

Pitts, a 6’1 175 lbs. safety prospect from South Charleston, will provide the Mountaineers with a versatile defensive back that can play all over in Tony Gibson’s 3-3-5 scheme. But Gibson sees him mainly at one position. “Coach Gibson is recruiting me to play the SPUR position in his defense.” The SPUR position is one of the most important positions in Gibson’s defense because the player must possess the skill set to drop into coverage, blitz the quarterback, and provide run stopping ability which Pitts brings to the Mountaineers defense.

Pitts is having a great senior season that began on opening night when he returned the opening kickoff for a touchdown and followed that up with a fumble return for a touchdown in the same game. I have seen Pitts play a couple of times in person and he has the skill set and potential to be a star for the Mountaineers.

Pitts message this morning on Twitter to announce his commitment was one that Mountaineer Nation had been waiting a long time to hear: