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Progress in camp hopes to ready team for fall

Morgantown, W.V. – As the fall camp continues on, the team faced their first bought of disappointment from Coach Neal Brown last Monday afternoon. Brown addressed the media during last Monday’s practice where he expressed disappointment in the day’s practice. Since taking on the role of head coach, Brown’s overarching demeanor has been upbeat and positive, and has spent months making the team really feel like a family (watch the musical chairs video), so statements of frustration or disappointment strike a cord.

“I was really disappointed in today’s work,” Brown remarked. “It was kind of a recovery day, and we were out there for true work probably about an hour, and I thought it was unfocused and probably our most disappointing of our four. We’ve got to get better. I just didn’t like our approach.”

Brown has taken the approach of often being positive and finding the good in his young team, but Monday’s practice was not what the head coach had hoped for. Often times in a family environment, the sounds of disappointment are a huge wake-up call. It’s worse than someone being angry or mad.

Following Brown’s disappointment in the team’s effort, the head coach saw improvement from his defense during last Saturday’s scrimmage. Brown felt that the defense showed up with a complete 180 degree turn of attitude and performance in comparison to what the coach saw days earlier.

“The one defense was ready to go and the offense didn’t answer the bell,” Brown pointed out.

Fall camp is the final push to make it or break it before that August 31st kickoff in Morgantown, and each day needs to be a time for improvement. Over the last two weeks, the team has had to use every minute of time on the field to find their groove and gel together before August 31st’s kickoff.

There are still plenty of unknowns for this team, the biggest of those in the fans’ eyes is that of who will line up as quarterback. All three (Allison, Kendall and Lowe) have taken plenty of reps throughout fall camp, but the head coach is still not naming his starter.

“We’ve got to get more accurate underneath,” Coach Brown remarked on quarterback play.

While there has been ups and downs and improvements since Coach Brown remarked on the team’s lackluster practice last week, there is still no way to say just how good (or sadly not good) his team is as fall camp ends and the school year begins.

“When you go against yourself every single day in spring practice and every single day in fall camp, you don’t really know,” Brown remarked on whether his team is “good” or ready to face opponents this season.

Over the last several weeks, there have been ups and downs and progress made. Now that the season is literally two weeks away, Coach Brown, staff and team will have to determine if there was enough hard work in the off season to deliver this season. Since having one ‘down’ practice, it seems as if the team is determined to go out of fall camp on a high note, ending

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