Sunday, August 18, 2019

Quick Hit: Alex Ruoff spending Christmas away from home again

Many professional athletes have gotten used to the bittersweet aspect of their careers that keep them away from their families. But that doesn’t make it any easier to take.

One-time WVU basketball standout Alex Ruoff knows that scenario all too well recently and will be spending his third Christmas away from his family as a pro player in Spain.

In a recent interview, Ruoff talked about facing the struggles that come with being away from home.

“It’s not easy. I miss the family,” Ruoff told Bob Hertzel. “Everyone’s family is getting together, but from a religious standpoint it allows me to focus on what Christmas is really about.

“So, it’s OK. It’s part of the job at this point. I don’t get too down. With technology and Skyping it’s not as bad as one may think.”

Read the full story, here. 


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