Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Quinton Spain spent last week in Orlando and had a minute to catch up with WVUPros. He was in Florida training with Coach Tom Shaw at the ESPN Wide World of Sports complex, which is the same place he spent his time working out and preparing for the draft last year.

Quinton was enjoying his last few days of ‘freedom’ before reporting to camp this Thursday, although the summer has been busy for him. He worked with the starters during the offseason at left guard, held youth football camps in Tennessee and Virginia, and recently signed a Nike marketing contract.

He will be fighting this training camp to keep his left guard spot, and it’s a situation he is okay with being in.

“Being the underdog really motivates me,” Spain told WVUPros.

He is used to having to work his way up.

“It started when I went undrafted,” said Spain, who changed his Twitter handle to Mr. Undrafted following the 2015 NFL Draft, “and it’s been a battle ever since. I got some starts last year after the offensive line injury issues, and I’m just continuing to work to hold my own at the starting spot.”

All Titans business aside, we were able to ask a few fun questions as well.

WVUPros: When you weren’t training, holding camps, or signing marketing deals, what is something you enjoyed doing this summer?
SpainMy favorite thing to do is play video games.  I’d rather be at home playing then out and about.  I play in a Madden league with some other WVU guys like Shaq Petteway and Jordan Thompson.  We take it pretty seriously.

WVUPros: What game are you most looking forward to this season for the Mountaineers?
SpainOklahoma.They have a Heisman watch list quarterback and their offense is really strong this year, so I think it will be a hard fought game on both sides and an entertaining one to watch.

WVUPros:  What is the biggest offseason challenge you faced?
SpainI still have to be in shape and maintain a certain weight. The team expects me at a certain weight when I check-in for camp and there are punishments if I don’t meet those numbers. I really love eating at Outback. I just have to make more broccoli substitutions in my order!



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