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Rehydrate: An Innovative New Sports Drink Born in West Virginia

Senior Vice President of Marketing and Product Performance Pat White

If you follow chances are you have heard of Rehydrate and how it is taking the state of West Virginia by storm as a healthy alternative to other sports drinks. We’ve told you how CEO and former Mountaineer coach Zachary Gottfried along with Senior Vice President Pat White have worked diligently to meet numerous businesses throughout the state introducing each of them to Rehydrate, its advantages and benefits.

Now through the efforts of another Mountaineer management team member Brittany Whitlock, known for her successful track career at West Virginia University, an interactive state of the art website is launching in April, 2015. The site will allow you to engage with the management team amongst many other cutting edge social media opportunities. Stay tuned to Rehydrate social media sites; @drinkrehydrate for information on the new website launch. (

What you may not know is the genesis of REHYDRATE was born right here in West Virginia. The story is best told in the words of Rehydrate CEO Zachary Gottfried;

“It all started during summer drills in Morgantown, West Virginia as part of summer training and conditioning drills at West Virginia University where I (Zach Gottfried) coached college football. The drill was to run up and down law school hill after work outs in the hot summer sun where the breeze was blocked by the large hill in front and the stadium behind. During the drill, WVU quarterback Jarrett Brown experienced a full body cramp. We gave him two (2) 32 ounce bottles of a popular “SUGARY” sports drink to no avail. He needed to be hospitalized. I thought there just had to be a better way.”

Everyone knows most of the popular sports drinks were developed almost 50 years ago in the 1960’s. Since then our way of life and our training regimens have changed considerably. During the next few years I continued to coach/train athletes outside of West Virginia. On my own and with my personal investment, I researched and worked with lab scientists.

As part of my research I also discovered that in addition to the inefficiencies in sports drinks is that fact that sugar is very bad for you. The Center for Disease Control in Atlanta reports indicate that we have a child obesity problem in this country, as well as type 2 diabetes now being found in children for the first time in our nation’s history. Studies on sugar also have concluded that various forms of cancer “feed” on sugar.

In addition to creating a more effective rehydration drink, I wanted to make sure it was healthy and safe for children as well as pregnant women. From informal interviews and research I also quickly discovered West Virginia was close to leading the nation in child obesity. Children were consuming large amounts of sugar in their sports drinks while surfing/posting on social media sites, thinking a sports drink with sugar was healthy. They were unknowingly ingesting 34 grams of sugar in each bottle, which is the equivalent of over 2 candy bars!

I knew I had to provide an effective product that would also combat the obesity problem. I worked with experts and came up with an ideal formula that worked with 3 times the electrolytes and 2 times the vitamins as the competition including very valuable /safe B vitamins. The bottom line is, it means that a person today would have to purchase THREE bottles of the popular sports drinks to equal just one bottle of REHYDRATE.

We came up with 14 great tasting flavors for REHYDRATE. Although my research and product development/testing while coaching and training took me out of the state of West Virginia, I knew that I wanted to focus my product launching efforts there along with my WV brothers. Our goal was to bring a healthy alternative product to all West Virginians.

As you can see, the impetus for REHYDRATE started right here in the state of West Virginia. This concept was capitalized upon and has grown into the product they now have today. In addition to helping athletes, coal miners, and outdoor workers including law enforcement, it is safe for children, pregnant women and is good for people with colds/flu. It even eases the symptoms of hangovers.

REHYDRATE: The healthy alternative sports drink that contains no sugar, no calories, no caffeine, and no fat while still giving you 3 times the electrolytes and 2 times the vitamins of the competition!

Jeremy Simon
Founder and publisher of, Jeremy is also a contributor to USA Today as well as covers the Mountaineers for Athlon Sports. Follow on Twitter @JSi07
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