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Report: Capital Classic to become West Virginia law?

State Senator Mike Woelfel from Cabell County has stated that he will introduce legislator requiring WVU and Marshall to play in basketball every year in Charleston, WV.

Shane Lyons has recently insinuated that he does not plan on renewing the Capital Classic although Marshall has sent a contract for 2016.

Marshall head coach Dan D’Antoni made it clear after this year’s game that he would like to continue the series. WVU head coach has taken the exact opposite approach. Woelfel will introduce the bill this month.

This would not be the first time legislators got involved in forcing the Mountaineers to play The Herd.  WVU and Marshall to renewed the Friends of Coal Bowl from 2006 to 2012 at the urging of then Governor Joe Manchin

Official press release from Senator Weolfel

Sen. Mike Woelfel, D-Cabell, is introducing a bill to continue an athletic tradition between West Virginia University and Marshall University.

The bill would mandate the two universities play one regular season men’s basketball game. The venue, date and other details would be jointly determined by the schools.

“The annual basketball contest serves to promote goodwill among West Virginians,” Woelfel said. “It showcases the schools, the capital city and generates substantial revenue.”

“The citizens of our state support the two universities with their hard earned tax dollars. West Virginians overwhelmingly support the game, watch it and deserve a continuation of the match-up.”

As an alum of the WVU College of Law and Marshall, Woelfel said he’s hopeful Dr. E. Gordon Gee and Dr. Jerome Gilbert can iron out relevant details in the near term and achieve renewal of the basketball series.

“Otherwise, I will advocate we follow Kentucky and other states and legislatively mandate the two men’s basketball teams play one another each season,” he added.

The proposed legislation states:

“During every school year, the men’s basketball team of West Virginia University and Marshall University shall play at least one regular season basketball game against each other. The venue, date, and all other pertinent details of the basketball game shall be determined jointly by the universities.”

You can read the full story on the possible renewal of the Capital Classic at Metro News here 

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